The Heart of Glass.


Once, many moons ago or under the light of the last new moon, in a land far away or perhaps not far at all….there lived a young gentleman, an Artisan who was known throughout the land for his blown glass works. Throughout the towns and the cities, his fine craftsmanship and thorough mastery of technique was known to all the people, but he lacked passion. What he created were monuments to his own skill with no soul.

Still, his work brought him accolades for its sheer quality, the way the light danced through small figurines and vessels, the delicate turns of the glass, and the spectacular colors. One day, a messenger sent from the Tsar appeared at his studio, handing the young Artisan an invitation to showcase his work in the palace. This was quite the honor, indeed! Greater than any other he had ever received. He meticulously packed up his finest work to showcase; wrapping, padding, and crating his delicate glass treasures.

He set out to traverse the many miles to the palace, crossing through mountains, over a great river, and through forests to the mighty gates. For a week, the Artisan worked furiously to unpack his work and find the perfect place in the great hall to display each piece. When he was finished, he looked over the room. As the light of dusk streamed into the court, every piece was kissed by the sun as it’s last rays fell into the court. Continue reading