Nothing More Than Feelings

feelingsLately, I’ve heard a couple of people say regarding politics and the news that we live in a post-fact world where feelings are what matters. As a musician, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, reading about, and generally paying attention to emotion. I study this condition we are all suffering from called “Being Human.” I have to in order to do my job, to be expressive, to connect with others, and to accurately convey my own experiences in relatable ways.

So here are the two things you need to know about your feelings:

  1. Your feelings are important.
  2. Your feelings are irrelevant.

Welcome to the paradox, Alice. Let’s head down the rabbit hole.
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A. Hoen Lithograph Building

Cross Street Partners is redeveloping the A. Hoen Lithograph Building in East Baltimore. In the meantime, they are running tours for photographers, and I spent a morning mucking about the ruined warehouse taking photos. There were some great spots with natural light where I experimented with self-portraiture. But I’m probably happiest with some of the long exposure shots, particularly the one of the peeling paint and graffiti. It’s a 15 second exposure, with two thirds of the exposure on the tripod focused on the peeled paint…sharp and crisp with good texture, then I quickly moved the camera and hand held focused on a spot of graffiti with white’s yellow and black.