Original Recordings

Over the years, I’ve occasionally recorded my original works and covers of songs that I personally connect with.

These Hands — Available for download here
This is a song I wrote in honor of my grandfather, a great inspiration in my life. He was a doctor who touched many lives, and I hope that my music might heal in its own way.

When the Angels Sing — Available for download here
A Christmas song written in 2019. I had experienced a number of deaths in the fall, and was thinking about how hard Christmas can be for those who have experienced loss. “When the angels sing, will I hear your voice?”

Nothing to Lose

One Strong Love Song

I wrote this shortly after my divorce over New Year’s. I was facing the holiday alone, and realizing the strength in that.

Peter’s Song

A religious song written for Good Friday, this song captures the sorrow of Peter as he faces his guilt in denying Jesus three times.

Find more covers and music on my YouTube channel and also on my Facebook Artist Page.