I have been teaching private voice, piano, and theory/composition since 2003. Over the many years of teaching, my philosophy continually changed. My students are as much a teacher to me as I am to them. I treat them with the utmost respect, and work to create a safe and accepting space for them to explore what it means to be an artist. From my own experiences, I know that being an artist can mean many things, and requires many skills. A great student must be disciplined with a good work ethic, must be passionate and inspired, and with a modicum of natural ability. A true artist must be a seeker, a questioner, a wonderer. I do my best to instill all these skills into my students. I want them to be awesome. I want them to succeed. And I want, no matter what their goals are, for students to become richer from the experience.

Currently, I teach Monday-Wednesday at Bills Music in Catonsville, and Fridays from my personal studio. I am also available for coaching sessions via video/chat services. Coaching sessions are $30/half-hour.