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What does it mean to be a musician? To be a photographer? Or an artist? What does it matter? I often say that what I do is a paradox: incredibly meaningless and totally necessary. I don’t grow food for people to eat, put a roof over their head, or make clothes for them to wear. I’m not providing a vital service necessary for survival. I am afforded the opportunity to look and to listen deeply. Artists are the mirrors that reflect back the world we live in. My aim is to use this gift to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. While I call myself a “Musician” for convenience, the truth is so much more rich. I am a watcher. I am a questioner. I am a poet. I am an actor. I am a healer. I am like the water, taking the shape that’s needed, wearing down mountains and crashing like waves when it’s called for.

I put my heart in service in so many ways. I am a teacher at Bill’s Music in Catonsville, the Director of Music for Hunting Ridge Presbyterian Church in West Baltimore, and the Artistic Director of the Bowie Senior Chorale. I write and arrange choral music and record original songs reflecting on my own experiences and insights. My photography is an outlet for my curiousity and questioning about my world. And, as time permits, I look for opportunities to volunteer my talents. My life is a gift built from the blessings of so many people, and one I give freely of in gratitude.

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  1. Your Christmas program at Bowie’s Auditorium this year was the best I’ve heard the chorale sing. The various sections were all in good voice with some very outstanding lead singers in each. The selection of music was joyful, moving, playful, and professionally directed by Craig. His Hot Chocolate solo was over the top! The musical accompaniment as always complimented the pace, timing, and emotion of each number. Thank you for all your work and dedication to the seniors!


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