Fine Art Photography

The Sea Foam Project

Bruce Lee once said “Be like water,” noting it’s formlessness and power. This series of photos, taken in Rehoboth Beach, DE, captures the essence of the waves on different scales, the energy and movement of the ocean from the volatile crash to the serene wash over the sand as the water pulls away. Limited Edition prints of 36″(w) x 24″(h) on aluminum ready to mount on your wall with a floating frame are available for $350 per image or a complete set for $1100. I will be doing a maximum run of 5 prints of each image, and if you are interested, please contact me to arrange payment.

SeaFoam Series A (Horizontal)

SeaFoam Series B (Vertical)



Impressionism came along at the time photography was coming into its own. With realism in art no longer necessary for documentation, art was free to explore other purposes and perspectives. In this day of digital cameras and image saturation, I began asking if my photography could be pushed in this same way, to emulate the impressionists without using filters and photoshop. While I do edit the color palette and saturation, the images are all taken with long exposures while moving the camera to create “brush strokes.” I continue to work on mastering the technique, and to explore encaustic wax treatments of the final prints to further the effects with the goal of going to France to photograph the famous sites Monet frequently painted.


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