Social Justice

Whenever possible, I try to use my music and my art to engage with my world, and make it a better place. That manifests in multiple ways. With the Senior Chorale, I did a program of friendship in response to the division after the 2016 election. As part of a program built around the history of Bowie, I highlighted the Levitt town’s history of racial discrimination using protest songs from the 1960’s. In addition to programming, I volunteered as the conductor for “Sing for Something,” a couple of Baltimore events where singers gathered, learned a song, and recorded it in the course of an hour. We raised funds for local social justice causes around racial equality and immigration. With the release of my single, “These Hands,” I dedicated half of all proceeds to Healthcare for the Homeless in honor of my grandfather. I also frequently work with the Baltimore Presbytery and volunteer as an accompanist for a local elementary strings program. I have been given a gift, given the good fortune to make a comfortable living doing something I love, and give back when I can.