New Orleans: Sensuous City Part 2

The following post is a continuation of the New Orleans: Sensuous City.

NOLAFoodCity-11After the music, there’s the food. I ate very well in New Orleans, but I would put the blossoming food scenes in Baltimore and DC right up there with the meals I had in New Orleans. I had a great gumbo at Coquette. Our best meal was probably at Peche, a fish centric restaurant where I discovered what shrimp can taste like at their absolute best. There are also creative food explorations that we enjoyed…the Caribbean/New Orleans fusion at Compere Lapin or the modern Israeli cuisine at Shaya were definite highlights. And I love my beignets. Cafe du Monde…late at night…after the jazz clubs…fluffy pillows of sugared heaven to take you to happy dreams. But skip the hot chocolate there…it was a watery powder-mix homage to what hot chocolate should be. Continue reading

New Orleans: The Sensuous City (Part 1)

NOLA Music-6As a musician, I struggle with the fact that most of the centers of art are cities like New York and LA. I don’t function well in hustle and bustle, fast-paced rat race rigamarole. I get overstimulated. After three days in NYC, I start to feel jittery, and ready to leave. I need a place that feeds my soul as I move at my own pace, processing and engaging with my world. New Orleans was a lovely little haven, and after a week there, I’m already to return. I feel I’ve only tasted a hint of what the city has to offer….like a first sip of gumbo, the heat lingering on my tongue leaving me wanting more. Continue reading