8 Post-Election Songs for the Liberal Soul

South Africa DAY3-9As a liberal, last night was difficult. Feelings are running high in my Facebook feed. My own feelings are powerfully churning through me. In these moments, I turn to music to get me through, to help me process. Here is a list of ten songs I am listening to today to get me through this. I hope it helps some of you cope as well.

To Those We Love (Nonqongqo) — Miriam Mkeba

It translates to “They are sitting together in prison, They are sitting together in Nonqongqo.” A reminder of all those who fight against oppression. An honoring of all those oppressed in the process.

Save Your Soul — Jamie Cullum

“Know this: It’s a universal truth people let you down.” I feel that disappoint me wash over me in this song, and the anthem in the chorus with the key change pull me towards my own strength.

Breathe — Alexi Murdoch

“Don’t forget to breathe.” Emotions are running high. Breathing gives us access to shift the tempest swirling inside. Use the breath, to channel that energy. The goal isn’t to stop feeling. The goal is to use the energy of those feelings to a more powerful aim.

Midnight — Coldplay

Coldplay often gets a bad rap, but they often have greatĀ tracks that don’t make it on the radio. This is one of them. There’s something about the drone that captures that sense of being lost, just swirling in sound. In the midst of it, his voice calls to us, “Leave the light on.”

Blackbird — Brad Mehldau’s cover

This Beatles tune was written in support of the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. Aware of my privilege, this is a reminder for all of us of the potential impact on minority communities. I vow to stay vigilant and vocal in defense of your rights.

Torpedo — Jillette Johnson

Be strong. Be fighters. Take the hit. Get yourself up. Move on. Here’s your fight-song anthem.

The Call — Regina Spektor

The work is just beginning. There is a new day dawning. We head out into it together.

Shake it Out– Florence and the Machine


Nothing More Than Feelings

feelingsLately, I’ve heard a couple of people say regarding politics and the news that we live in a post-fact world where feelings are what matters. As a musician, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about, reading about, and generally paying attention to emotion. I study this condition we are all suffering from called “Being Human.” I have to in order to do my job, to be expressive, to connect with others, and to accurately convey my own experiences in relatable ways.

So here are the two things you need to know about your feelings:

  1. Your feelings are important.
  2. Your feelings are irrelevant.

Welcome to the paradox, Alice. Let’s head down the rabbit hole.
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