South Africa: Cape Wine

Today was winery day! I woke up early, tried to get some food in my stomach in preparation, and was on the bus by 8:15AM. We had a full bus with 13 people, and I made some lovely friends for the day. It seems good spirits put all in good spirits! My favorite was a gentleman from Ireland who had spent his life working in non-profits creating successful programs to address issues of homelessness, drug addiction, and suicide. But there was also a geography professor there with a passion for restoring player pianos, a student who had tagged along with the professor, and the student’s father who was tagging along with his son. There was a great dynamic between them. Also, a couple of young Mexican-American ladies from Chicago, and a few others.

The landscape here is stunning. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but I imagine it would be as if the Grand Canyon stood up from the ground instead of cutting down into it. Then, cover the ground with deep green and the skies deep blue speckled with clouds. It really is magical here, and I will miss the majesty of it when I leave. On another note, I had some good wines, but one winery was especially good: Annandale. They make their money selling grapes to other vineyards, but they reserve a small percentage of them to make their own wines. Their own wines they make out of passion and not for the business of it, aging the wines for up to 8 years in the barrels. Typically bold wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz mellow out into these delicate, smooth, and delightful wines. And the port was phenomenal.

Tonight was dinner and dancing with my new swing dancing friends. In general, the people of Cape Town have a spirit of graciousness and hospitality. This dance community is no exception. I’ve been invited to teach a few classes while I’m here, so I have that to look forward to now as well. Tomorrow is an unscheduled day. I’ve got a concert to go to tomorrow night, but otherwise I can do as much or as little as I need to be whole. Considering the little sleep I’ve gotten since I began this journey, I imagine my bed might just be singing my tune.

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