Imagine: Tackling a Classic

There are a few recordings out there that are so iconic, so well-known and beloved, that the very thought of attempting to take them on brings fear and panic to nearly every artist (those with excessive hubris being the exception). When I watch reality singing competitions on TV, I often find these songs are huge missteps and often the end of the line for singers.

John Lennon’s “Imagine” is one of those songs for me. When I asked for requests of songs to cover, I was dismayed to see this song suggested. Continue reading

The Musician’s Currency

This year, I’ve been working to create a lot more content. Usually, I post one or two covers a month, and I’ve been sharing originals as I am able to find the time to work on them. It’s been wonderful for me in that practicing my craft has helped me refine it. Plus, it has the added benefit of giving me an outlet to make music that I love just for the sake of loving music. But there’s also a hope to build an audience for my work. Visibility is the greatest currency for musician’s in this day and age. Get enough views on your YouTube video, and YouTube adds advertisements and monetizes it. Likes and shares on Facebook increase distribution, generating more views.

Sometimes, I struggle with feeling like I’m working in a vacuous echo chamber. I think about how to adjust the work that I’m doing to get more views, more likes, more affirmation. Then, I end up not doing most of those things. I want to get better, not pander. So I keep working at it…getting my vocals cleaner, learning to use my studio equipment, picking songs that truly inspire me and working for inspired performances. It’s hard to see if I’m really getting anywhere or just spinning my wheels. I haven’t done anything that’s really gone viral, and my numbers have been pretty stable. I’m ok with this. Yes, I’d like to have a break out moment, some hit, some recognition, but I’m spending a different currency: I love what I’m doing and putting that passion out into the world. And that, for me, is where the true value lies.