Choral Music/Publications

After writing and arranging choral work for the many choirs I’ve worked with in the past fifteen years, I am starting to put my catalog online for digital download. You can find links to all of my published works on this page. If you have questions regarding my compositions, about commissioning new works, or about licensing, please email me at craiglelandsparks at gmail dot com.

Invictus (SATB with optional divisi):
“Invictus” is my most recent original work, using the poem from William Ernest Henley. My father had suggested I set the poem to music years ago when the movie by the same name came out. I set the idea aside until this past year, when I finally got around to it in honor of my father’s retirement. It was premiered by the Bowie Senior Chorale this past December, my father’s first semester singing with the Chorale. This is one of my easier choral works, using a lot of unison. I’m pleased with the build up of the piece. It starts with the men in the lower register with each verse getting progressively stronger in the voicing and registration. It’s a very natural build that definitely captures the spirit of perseverance to overcome embodied in the poem. Here is a link to the video from the premier.

Siyahamba (SATB):
I originally arranged this traditional South African tune while working at Ark and Dove Presbyterian Church. The tune really highlight my ability to play with rhythms. There’s some great use of the men’s voice in a chant-like, percussive way, and later in the piece, I introduce a lovely countermelody. It all comes together at the end for a strong finish.

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