One Strong Love Song

Over New Years Eve, I had some quality time to myself at Rehoboth Beach, a much needed break. I lost my marriage at the beginning of 2014, and I lost my Grandmother at the end of 2014. Having my relationship future wiped into a blank slate then being confronted with the fragile nature of life has a way of inspiring self-reflection. I need to stop running from my life, and start running towards something. My quiet time helped me reconnect with that sense of who I am. I was inspired on New Years to write a song. The past two weeks, I’ve spent a few hours each night watching tutorials, and then recording and editing the song together.

Here’s the result: One Strong Love Song

I posted the lyrics to the refrain onto Facebook that night: “Be one. Be strong. Be love. Be song.” These words capture how I want to share my life with this world in the years to come, and come with a dedication to my grandmother, Elizabeth Stevens, who has awakened in me the desire to live again through the power of her death.

So now it’s up to you all, my friends and family. Help me get my message out.


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